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I've been reading books for as long as I can remember and have recently re-discovered my book blog (Rather Too Fond of Books), which has made me excited to have a place to share what I'm reading, to review some books and to share my bookish memories. I have combined a newer blog of mine with this one and this is where I'll always post.


I am happy to consider any books to review. I post all of my reviews on here and on my book likes page, then I will be promoting the posts on Twitter and Facebook.


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Breakfast at Tiffany's - Truman Capote
I love this book; I find that it's one of those books that I always come back to and the older I get, the more I get out of this book. In my teens I thought Holly was obnoxious and not a very sympathetic character but now as I enter my thirties I find myself more drawn to her. She is making the best of a life that is not always easy. She is living in a time when women were more reliant on men if they wanted to better themselves and she is trying her best. I loved this novella this time around and it's firmly placed in my permanent collection. I'm now keen to see the film again as I haven't seen that for years and would love to be able to compare the two again with both fresh in my mind.