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I've been reading books for as long as I can remember and have recently re-discovered my book blog (Rather Too Fond of Books), which has made me excited to have a place to share what I'm reading, to review some books and to share my bookish memories. I have combined a newer blog of mine with this one and this is where I'll always post.


I am happy to consider any books to review. I post all of my reviews on here and on my book likes page, then I will be promoting the posts on Twitter and Facebook.


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Ritual - Mo Hayder
I'm a huge fan of Mo Hayder's novels and find that even though I normally can't stand gruesome novels, I can't put her novels down. Ritual was different from her previous novels in that it wasn't as gruesome and it wasn't as creepy. I actually enjoy being scared and unsettled by Hayder's work so in some respects this novel was slightly disappointing. Having said that I'm so pleased that Hayder has decided to keep going with Jack Caffery and was happy to see him feature in this novel. I'm looking forward to reading her next novel.