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I've been reading books for as long as I can remember and have recently re-discovered my book blog (Rather Too Fond of Books), which has made me excited to have a place to share what I'm reading, to review some books and to share my bookish memories. I have combined a newer blog of mine with this one and this is where I'll always post.


I am happy to consider any books to review. I post all of my reviews on here and on my book likes page, then I will be promoting the posts on Twitter and Facebook.


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Twenties Girl

Twenties Girl - Sophie Kinsella
I bought the audiobook version of this so that I could listen to it on my iPod during my regular bouts of insomnia but I found it difficult to stop listening when I eventually felt sleepy. So I found myself listening to it during the day as I did my chores and ended up listening to the whole book in just two days!

Lara Lington is the kind of character I've come to expect in a Sophie Kinsella novel and so her books are such a comfort to read. I loved the characters of Lara and Aunt Sadie; they were such a good combination. It almost makes one wish for a ghost/guardian angel who can put right what is wrong in one's own life. Sadie's character gradually became more rounded out and I loved learning her story. I was quite sad to finish this book as I had so much enjoyed listening to it. It's definitely a novel I would listen to again.