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Handle with Care - Jodi Picoult
I'm a big fan of Jodi Picoult and have read many of her novels (I also have three on my to-be-read shelf!); I really enjoy her novels and they always give one something to think about. I do agree with other reviewers that she is quite formulaic and some of her twists are very predictable; for this reason I now leave big gaps in between reading her novels in order for them to be a little more fresh to me.

Handle With Care was a really good novel, I enjoyed it and found it difficult to put down. Some of it was predictable but all of it was moving and this is what held my interest. There was a genuine struggle for the characters in this novel that is easily identified with, even without having lived through such extreme circumstances. This novel, for me, showed Picoult back at her best because some of the twists were not predictable and when they came they made one feel stunned. The twist at the end was shocking and yet absolutely right. This novel stayed with me for days and days after I read it, I kept thinking of these characters and wondered how they were in the aftermath.

I almost can't wait to read the next Picoult novel but I will resist because I want to be able to savour it when I do read it and to be shocked by what I read.