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I've been reading books for as long as I can remember and have recently re-discovered my book blog (Rather Too Fond of Books), which has made me excited to have a place to share what I'm reading, to review some books and to share my bookish memories. I have combined a newer blog of mine with this one and this is where I'll always post.


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A Proper Family Holiday

A Proper Family Holiday - Chrissie Manby

Four generations of the Benson family go on holiday to Lanzarote for a week - what could possibly go wrong? This is an often funny, sometimes poignant and constantly entertaining read.


I bought this novel around the time it was released a year ago and it's sat on my TBR ever since but I don't really know why as I love Chrissie Manby's novels. I think I was subconsciously saving it for a time when I knew I'd need a guaranteed pick-me-up of a book, and it didn't let me down. 


This novel was unputdownable for me and was the wonderful pick-me-up that I'd hoped it would be. It was chick-lit with depth to it, and I adored it. I gave it 5 stars and also added it to my favourites shelf as I'm sure it'll be one of the few books that I will re-read in the future.


On finishing this novel I was so tempted to immediately pick up the next in the series, A Proper Family Christmas, as I really want to know what happens next. But I love a good Christmas read so I'm going to try and hold off reading it for just a few more weeks! I'm happy to see that a third book in the series is already out though and I'll be buying that soon.



Source: http://rathertoofondofbooks.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/review-a-proper-family-holiday-by-chrissie-manby