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Elizabeth is Missing - Emma Healey

I finished this book yesterday afternoon and I still feel conflicted as to how to rate it. I enjoyed reading the book and I thought the character Maud was so well written. It felt like I was getting a real insight into how the thought process of a person with dementia works.


My issue though is that it felt like the novel wasn't as clever as I was led to believe it would be. It seemed like there were holes in the plot all over the place but they were allowed to slide because Maud would have forgotten things. The problem is that many things were told to Maud and I felt like I knew so much about her day and her life and yet at no point is Maud ever explicitly told what happened to Elizabeth.


The novel as a whole was predictable, I suspected from the very beginning how it was going to end up. I hoped I would be proved wrong but I wasn't and so it felt like a let down.


So, I'm back to my conflicting thoughts. My love for the character of Maud and my absolute empathy for Helen makes me want to give this book 5 stars but the plot holes just bother me too much.